Parking dahntahn

Google maps has been my goto for for directions as they’ve been easy to use and correct.  But for some reason it couldn’t find the address I was looking for.  It suggested a street that was very close to the address I entered–close enough that I could see the actual address I entered (check it out here).  Being still stuck in the stone age with no GPS, iPhone or android phone, I printed-out my directions and headed off.

I’m okay with driving in the hustle-and-bustle of downtown, and I was prepared for the challenge of getting parking.  I knew it would be expensive and I knew it would be hard to find spaces available.  But find it I did, and the attendant was nice enough as he showed me where to park.  He asked for my keys in case he had to move the car, and that made me pause.  I did park another car in, but I’m also gullible and naive.  After reconciling in my mind that having my car molested would make for a great story later I handed the keys over.

After my appointment with the Social Security Office I returned to find my car COMPLETELY stripped of tires and doors.  The windshield was busted and the entire contents of the car was gone.

Just kidding–it was where I had left it and in the same shape that I left it.  C’mon, Pittsburghers are more trustworthier than that!

About BurghNow

Relatively new Burgher learnin' the ropes from yinz. But me, my wife and four kids love it here!
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